Is there a stamp issue on 04 December 2019?

Apparently yes!

Checks with local post offices revealed that some post offices have received their stock allocations just after noon.

The values (from the last SODA statement and leaked Facebook images) are 60 sen (wood carving including the hilt of the keris), 80 sen (pottery) and RM 1 (woven baskets). The MS value was not stated in the last SODA statement. However it is believed that the MS will be priced at RM 5 with a special feel effect on a necklace.

So, if you can still apply leave, I suggest you click the half day leave button or drop by during lunch time.

Images? Check around Facebook and probably very very soon from Pos Malaysia.

What topic? Carvings and Craft in Malaysia.

Once the official images are out, I will update.

Will there be any changes? Wish I knew. Just come over to the post office on that day. I will try and update as best possible.