Clearing My Excess Miniature Sheets including unusuals and thematics

The quiet time (actually not quiet, the number of emails and messaging asking about when is this year’s stamp issue, let alone if any Lunar Series will be issued, is deafening!), allowed me to go through my albums, plastic bags, envelopes, drawers and all such spaces that I put aside my Miniature Sheets pending my covers projects. Many did not materialise, some were unsuccessful and others were just mismatched so I ended with stuff here and there. I also have some on consignment to Let it Go, Let it Go….

Here is a page I created to clear my excess miniature sheets. They include some unusuals and many thematics.

To learning about unusuals:

The thematics include: Animals, Birds, Cultures, Fish, Flowers, Joint Issues, Overprints, Philately, Pitcher Plants, Plants, Rivers, Tourism, etc.

Meanwhile, back to the deafening silence question. The answer is….. drum roll please………







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