More details on the Year of the Rat Setem Ku

Here are additional details of the Setem Ku Greeting Series: Year of the Rat 2020. Date of sale is 23 January 2020.

In a media release, the locations that will sell the Folder set are the 13 General Post Offices and 13 selected Post Offices nationwide. I believe that the total adds up to 26 which is the list of locations with special cancellations. To play it safe, just call your local post office.

The quantities of the folder is limited to 3,888 pieces. The words on the 10 “Setem Ku”s are alternating 鼠 – Shŭ (Rat) and 福 – Fú (Prosperity).

The Setem Ku sheet printing is based on demand.

Here are the respective items inside the Folder Set (RM 38.00):

The stamp sheet is also available individually (without the folder, postcards and envelope) at RM 25.00.

Meanwhile for those who collect slogan cancellations on the franked mail, this year there is no franking service in KL GPO. So no slogan to collect.

If you are interested in covers, just contact me: (only prepaid orders will be entertained as Setem Ku is expensive) BEFORE tomorrow. I rarely look at my handphone messages when I make covers.




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