Peace, Prosperity and Happiness Day

Today marks a return to the General Post Office and many post offices in Malaysia for collectors. With a theme of Peace, Prosperity and Happiness, it certain drives a united family of collectors.

The crowd was much better than previous years but still comparatively lower than the usual Lunar New Year crowd. The design was wonderful. A few Sin Chew Jit Poh reporters were running around taking photos and conducting interviews.

The best of all, calligraphers and designer were there in a row to autograph.

The first to arrive was Ts Dr Velu Perumal who was also the calligrapher for the Nobel Values issue. He came on opening time at 08:30 am! Not many recognised him when he was standing next to the number line! The Tamil Calligraphy feature Amaithi, Valam and Shubitham in the form of a peacock.

The second calligrapher to arrive was Puan Aishah Sakinah all the way from Terengganu! The Calligraphy featured the Jawi Khat in the shape of our national flower, the hibiscus!

Mr KY Lim from Reign Associates arrive at about 10:00 am.

Dr Wong Kum Peng is the calligrapher for the Chinese Calligraphy. He was unable to attend. The Chinese Calligraphy was written as couplets for the Chinese Lunar New Year: A Happy and Prosperous Society in the Luxurious Year of the Rat (Ren Xi Sheng Shi, Shu Zhao Feng Nian). The word Fu was stylised to include the rat.

Towards mid-day there was a video interview:

A bonus was the stamps and MS fit to make a composite FDC! How was your design?

Perhaps a note to Pos Malaysia, do try and release technical information about 2 weeks in advance. It will be ideal as collectors (FDC, postcard, postal history, thematics, posted cover, etc.) will need time to layout and design. It is an art form in itself. The red packet (angpow) philately group was also there in full force struggling with lots of red packets to match the design. This will help Pos Malaysia increase sales.

How was the response in your place?

Here is wishing everyone a Peaceful, Prosperous and Happy New Year ahead!



2 thoughts on “Peace, Prosperity and Happiness Day

  1. Very miserable in Sungai Petani, just 5 people turned up. Today I met some friends. I asked them why they did not turn up. They said they did not know there was an issue.That means lack of publicity.

    1. Thanks for the update Mr Lim, it is very sad. I think had Pos Malaysia provided earlier information, we will see the big responses similar to the past as it is a popular thematic area.


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