More COVID-19 slogan mails: A wonderful arrival from Canada!

Back in May 2020, a mail sent from Canada to me was “Returned To Sender” as the postal deliveries were temporarily suspended. My own mail to Canada has also gone into a black hole of unknown location.

It was a wonderful surprise when the original mail from Canada was reposted and arrived safely!

The original cover was inkjet by Machine 3808 on 19 May 2020. It was affixed with a “Return to Sender” sticker with a reason of a temporary suspension of postal service by Canada Post. The item can be reposted for FREE! if the label is subsequently removed.

Since I wanted the label, I requested my new found friend to repost once the postal services resumed. The postal services did resume in August (3 months later) and it was resent under a new envelope. The inkjet postmark was dated 15 August 2020 from the same Machine 3808. This time the font was smaller and clearer. The message is still the same: “Thanks, healthcare workers”.

This is my first record of a country that affixed a Return to Sender label for the suspension of postal service due to COVID-19.

Have you seen a similar label in any other country?

Meanwhile, it is Malaysia’s turn to wait for the resumption of International Mail (except to Singapore). I wonder will there be a label for returned items. Malaysia’s International Mail Services were Temporarily Suspended since 03 August 2020.  However, international mail continues to arrive at a slower pace.

An advice to my international readers, you might need to be more patient to wait for the resumption of mails from Malaysia in these difficult times with various interruptions in our life. I am sure the postal services will resume. It is a matter of time. Meanwhile…. it is a time for us to record what happened (postally) in during the Movement Control Order:

If anyone comes across a similar “Return To Sender” label, cachet, marking or similar in another country, do share with us!

Keep healthy!





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