02 November 2020: Minor Palindrome Date 021120

02 November 2020 will again be a minor palindrome date. If you are still lost on palindrome, the colloquial word is radar, i.e., the number when read from front to back and back to front is the same!

Why minor? Well, if the cancellation is in full, it will become 02112020 which is not palindrome.

Where can you find minor palindrome cancellations? Well almost all post offices are using the “10 sen” size cancellation which uses DD.MM.YY which will mean every post office.

Why not prepare you registered mail to send tomorrow? This is also the last palindrome of the year. The next one which looks a bit palindrome is 22.12.20 (22122). The zero spoils the aesthetics.

For older minor palindrome dates: https://myfdc.me/page/5/?s=minor+palindrome