myfdc 1300 subscribers milestone

1,300 reached in 2021! It was hardly even 5 subscribers when myfdc started over 8 years ago.

WordPress counts the subscribers (direct, mail and Facebook) and bundle the statistics into the number of LIKES for the website. The subscribers will get a notification on new posts or write ups but sadly not an update on an old article or post.

Email subscribers get an additional feature that the post or article is delivered to their email compared to other channels that will require them to first notice the notification and then click to read.

Who reads myfdc? Here are 7 interesting bits:

  1. Not surprisingly most readers are FDC and stamp collectors from Malaysia.
  2. Highest sub-group are Malaysia stamp dealers and resellers.
  3. The highest overseas readers are from Singapore and USA (being the consistent top 2 for the last 8 years).
  4. Australia and United Kingdom pops up the most in the last 8 years for the top 3 and 4 positions.
  5. India is the next largest group of readers but very few subscribers.
  6. The thematic collectors that usually read myfdc are not surprisingly the “unusual/special effects” stamp collectors from around the world.
  7. Largest non-collector enquiries (and ghosting) group are those trying to sell their inheritance but ended up keeping silent for whatever reason.

The website has been expanded with a TRANSLATE button (right navigation bar) to help give a semblance of readability for those who want to read in their own language.

The SEARCH Icon (way on top) will allow you to find any article or post since the start of myfdc. This enables you to be able to get verified information with just a few clicks.

I look forward to ending 2021 with 1,000,000 hits. The hits are currently above 935,000. That is the next milestone as myfdc heads to 10 years in 2022!

Thank you for reading. Hope to “hear” from you.



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