Progressive update from 2011 onwards….

I have not had much time to clean up since 2010 records. Over the last 4 years, I have sat down and slowly obtained from various sources to compile concordant FDCs from 2011 onwards. Here is the continuation for 2011:

I hope to be able to clean-up a year each week and publish.

I want to record my appreciation for those who sent me information and photos without which, many would have been lost in the catalogue of time.

As to those, non-concordant FDCs, I do not feature them as this website is intended to catalogue concordant FDCs. Non-concordant FDCs can be referred to in commercially available catalogues.

For a guidance on concordant Malaysia FDCs (sorry, I have not had time to catalogue Malaya and private FDCs), please refer to:

The transacted prices have fluctuated quite a lot during the Movement Control Order as I believe many sold off their collection for cash in this tight times, thus the prices have dropped. The really good stuff still commands a premium.

Thank you for the support!



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