Next issue: 09 September 2021 Thank You to COVID-19 Frontliners / Terima Kasih Barisan Hadapan COVID-19

The next issue is confirmed on 09 September 2021. The issue’s title is Thank You to COVID-19 Frontliners of Malaysia (Terima Kasih Barisan Hadapan COVID-19 Malaysia). This is probably the most long awaited stamp issue having been moved a number of times. The last scoop was in April 2021:

The designer is an award winning Red Hong Yi! For those in the art scene, you would recognise the name instantly. Read about Red Hong Yi here:

So, what you are seeing is an intricate piece of artwork by an internationally renowed artist! How cool is that?

Here are the products:

  1.  Setenant strip of 4 x RM1.50 featuring the Police, Doctor, Armed Forces and Nurse
  2.  Blank envelopes at 50 sen each featuring Pos Malaysia
  3.  Empty Folder with the four Frontliners of the stamp at RM 6.00

The setenant stamps are issued in a sheetlet of 4 sets/strips and have COVID-19 images visible under UV light. Good news for special effects stamp collectors.

Nice matching locations:

  1.  Any cancellation with “Hospital”
  2. Any Armed Forces Post Office
  3. UKM
  4. Kajang (for the Nurse)
  5. I guess Putrajaya for all the announcements we see on TV!

If you are a frontliner, you can really make a personalised special FDC by using your envelope of your place! Then stick the set of stamps and cancel with the first day cancellation! Cool?

Pos Malaysia released a video in the afternoon of 07 September 2021:

At 0:08 is the process of making the “Doctor” stamp and at 0:20 is the “Armed Forces” stamp.

The latest video showed all the stamps:

Details of the stamps are at 01:26 onwards. Notice the 2020????

Time to apply for leave!



2 thoughts on “Next issue: 09 September 2021 Thank You to COVID-19 Frontliners / Terima Kasih Barisan Hadapan COVID-19

    1. The stamps are actually designed as a collage of smaller stamps. You will enjoy the artwork behind it. The envelop can be kept for future postal related use. So not so sad.


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