09 September 2021: Tracing the COVID-19 Trail in Malaysia – Thank You Frontliners Stamp Issue

Finally the day is here. This is one of the long awaited stamp issue and a memorable one for the fight against COVID-19. In addition, we now have stamps from the internationally renowed Red Hong Yi! So here is the opening bell for the day!

Since the stamps are in setenants, it is much easier to stick. I saw collectors bringing their own Swab Test certificates to be pasted with stamps and cancelled with the philatelic cancellation. I brought along various hospital envelopes to make my own covers.

In addition, here is an idea on how to make your own MS!!! There were 2 different margins thus 2 versions! I thought it would be fun!

Pos Malaysia provided the image of the stamp sheet under UV light that showed the COVID-19 across the sheet!

(Image provided by Pos Malaysia for publication)

The journey to trace how COVID-19 was handled must first be back to the alma mater of our Director General of Health Malaysia. Here is the first location for your first guess…

A brief stop took us to where the nurse in the stamp was working. Hint….???

Unfortunately, the post office was temporarily closed!

A back up plan then….

The next stop was a wall where Datuk Dr Noor Hisham Abdullah was also featured! Try and guess where is the wall located?

Can you find his photo?

Here is the Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia Post Office (National University of Malaysia).

I guess Malaysian will always remember the frequent broadcasts on the television or streaming on your digital device…… thus it is memorable to be the broadcasts are coming from….

We then end with where the initial cases were all sent to….. except that the Post Office inside the hospital has been closed for quite some time…. so the next best location is…..

I think this is an easy guess.

Here are some additional information on the quantities issued:

  1. Stamps: not information provided
  2.  Empty folders: 1,800 pieces
  3.  Blank envelopes: 20,000 pieces

How did your day go?