50 Years (Golden Jubilee) SOCSO Stamp Collection Special Album

How does the 50 Years SOCSO (PERKESO) Golden Jubilee Stamp Collection Album really looked like? Other than the hardcovers and the card like pages, the album is a joy to go through.

Here is a detailed video on what is REAL and what is a PHOTO inside the album and also…. the rare REAL SOCSO stamps!!!!

As at the time of writing, SOCSO website still have another 394 copies. If anyone is to own a complete collection with the Bank Negara SOCSO (PERKESO) coins, the copies will not be there for long….

It is a really nice work by Hazel Design!

Order directly from SOCSO website, read carefully: https://myfdc.me/2021/10/30/50th-anniversary-perkeso-socso-golden-jubilee-commemorative-personalised-stamp-setemku-album-collection-is-now-on-sale-and-information-on-coins-sale/

The coins order have long been closed: https://myfdc.me/2021/11/22/22-november-2021-bank-negara-malaysia-open-for-order-50th-anniversary-of-social-security-organisation-socso-perkeso-commemorative-coins-to-match-the-stamps/

Kicking yourself for missing important timely information? Why not Follow myfdc website? You will never need to wonder again on what is what. One condition, you need to read to get the information.



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