Crouching Tiger Hidden Stamp Musings of a Weekend

Well, I suddenly remembered the movie this morning as I was browsing the internet for Endangered Species of Tigers. It was all triggered as I opened my delicious kuih stamps from SODA.

Apparently the next issue printed on the SODA statement matches the tentative stamp issue schedule this time and it was generated not too long ago….

So here it is:

The Endangered Wildlife issue seems to have:

  1.  Setenant pair 50 sen x 2
  2.  Setenant pair 80 sen x 2
  3.  Miniature Sheet RM 5

I suppose the folder will be available as well. I think we can prepare our budget first. Hopefully it will be a roaring Miniature Sheet just like previous year’s die cuts and special effects.

Well, here was what I found on the internet (seems a lot of Tigers in the last Chinese New Year):

I was still confused on the movie Crouching Tiger and Hidden Dragon until my friend explained to me why there was no tiger or dragon in the movie. Apparently the tiger was crouching away from the camera and the dragon was hidden behind the screen thus the title! Ah…. I finally understood after so many years…. maybe it is hidden in someone’s cloud server now….

Enjoy the weekend while I try and figure out how to explain my emergency leave to my boss again and it has been a norm almost 4 years now…. more than new normal.

Back to my coffee and traditional kuih!




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