12 February 2021: Lunar New Year Palindrome date 12.02.2021 or 12.2.21

Today would have been a beautiful Palindrome date of 12.02.2021 (12022021) large cancellations or National Mail Centre machine cancellations or the abbreviated 12.2.21 (12221) small cancellations. Thanks to reader, David R Tanswell, for the heads up as early as 01 January 2021! Really appreciate it.

This is also the first day of the Lunar New Year holidays and thus the post offices in Malaysia are closed. So sadly, the only full Palindrome date this year is not available for postmarking in Malaysia.

Perhaps, other countries with the same date format might be able to get their own full Palindrome date.

The other dates each month until September 2021 are minor Palindrome i.e. it will only appear Palindrome in the abbreviated form:







12.9.21 (Sunday – need to look for a shopping centre post office)

Keep a look out or log into your diary.