Hidden Treasures of SODA – Islands

Interestingly, SODA holders will receive setenant stamp strip FDCs for the “Hidden Treasures of Malaysia – Islands” issue. This is a blast from the past where the SODA version and the counter versions are different. Recall that the SODA holders used to get setenant stamp strips on FDCs whereas the counters have different stamp sheets for their FDCs.

However, the mint stamps for the SODA holders are still in separate sheets / stamps. No luck on setenant sheets.

SODA can still spring some good surprises!

ps: I heard that the http://www.pos.com.my orders are also setenant strips on FDC. I cannot verify but the image in the “Shop” is setenant: https://www.pos.com.my/hidden-treasures-of-malaysia-islands-first-day-cover-with-stamp.html

pps: One reader confirmed that the online order comes in setenant strip!