A Day in the Foot Steps of Scholars

It was a humbling day to return back to uni. This time to trace the foot steps of Malaysian Scholars. The first stop was to the Philatelic Bureau Headquarters. The news circulating was that the Philatelic Bureau counters will be moved to the Kuala Lumpur General Post Office counters similar to all other General Post Offices. It was a nostalgic time as for time immemorable the corner was where all the philatelic activities were held. Here is a look at the hangout and this might be the last issue before the relocation. Is it true? Time will tell as always.

It was then a journey back to Universiti Malaya and a stop in 2 faculties.

The Faculty of Business and Economics is an amalgamation of various older faculties among them the Faculty of Economics and Administration!

A quick stop for lunch and then a trip south. It seems that this year saw a lot more stamp issues related to Universiti Putra Malaysia. Here is the key UPM Post Office and amongst the last few post offices in a university in Malaysia.

It was then a trip to the Chancellory!

For a video of the tour, here it is:

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How was your philatelic adventure?

ps: Did you know there is actually an Academic Blue?