Updated: Stamp Week 2012 AEON AU2 Setiawangsa

Finally the Stamp Week 2012 is here!

At the General Post Office

I went to the General Post Office as I wanted to pick up the stamps and miniature sheets first and have a leisurely time to stick them. The queue was light and it is a Monday and raining – contributing to the lower turnout. I guess also the big hole in the pocket.

Strangely the normal minature sheets have not arrive at the Philatelic Bureau. Even though there were 4 counters open, the regulars who were in front dilly dallied in the hope that the miniature sheets will arrive making those behind the queue exasperated. Rather uncivil.

Finally someone found out that the normal counters are selling the miniature sheets! That was already 9:00 am. 3o minutes of wasted time!

Pos Malaysia Philatelic Bureau employees were just starting to leave for Aeon AU2. I figured there is no need to rush to the site. The traffic was still bad in KL (due to the rain).


After lunch (yes I waited that long), I went over to AEON AU2. It is in the northern fringes of KL and not that easy to find for someone like me who does not venture to the northern part.

The booths are open from 10 am to 10 pm.

Again another disappointment! The Overprinted Miniature Sheets have not arrived yet and is not expected to arrive anytime today! What is going on Pos Malaysia? Too many overprints or poor planning. A lot of collectors were fuming on the delays.

Another disappointment was the cancellation is the normal Kuala Lumpur cancellation. Previous Stamp Weeks featured location specific cancels.

Anyway, the crowd after lunch was extremely light. I think it is a rather poor choice of location due to the lack of accessibility. Not many in AEON AU2 who passed by bought anything. There were a lot of curious shoppers and that is about is. 3 stamp dealers were there along with the Boboi Boy animation studio selling merchandise from the cartoon.

Pos Indonesia was also present.

The Pos Indonesia counter is selling a set of exhibition covers at RM 25.00 for a set of 8 souvenir covers cancelled with 7 daily cancellations and an exhibition cachet. The cancels are different than Pos Malaysia’s. Pos Indonesia even has an OMG cachet with the words “Greeting from Pos Indonesia”.

I made special FDCs with Indonesia stamps and cancels.

Here is the FDC without Pos Indonesia stamp and cancel. All covers are also cancelled with the Taman Setiawangsa first dayof issue cancellation. Taman Setiawangsa is actually inside AEON AU2 (if you look at the photo of AEON AU 2, above, you will be able to see the Pos Malaysia logo on the 1st Floor where the actual post office is located.

I have since added the Overprint MS on FDC to make a complete set of 3 covers.

I will update later on in the week as I will be back to work tomorrow.

Updates for 20 November 2012:

The OMG Overprint on MS finally arrived. I went over after work to buy a few pieces. However, Pos Malaysia did NOT bring the 19 November 2012 cancellation! Duh! After so  many years, you would have thought the process would be perfect by now! Okay, so the cancel was kept in HQ and Pos Malaysia will bring on Sunday. Effectively to be smart, collectors need to buy only empty covers, MS, etc and come on the last day (which is what most of the collectors and dealers do anyway!).

Then another comedy of errors! There were 2 employees at Pos Indonesia. One of them returned home yesterday and brought along all the cancels. Now Pos Indonesia does not have any daily cancels anymore! The second employee is trying to email back to HQ to get the designs to make the rubber stamps in Malaysia! So, whatever I have made might just be the only stuff available in the market until the new cancels can be made! I have the Passports with all the Pos Indonesia cancels (since it was available yesterday). However, I am still collecting the Pos Malaysia daily cancels.

Recent events never cease to amaze me on the way things are done 🙂

Updates for 22 November 2012:

Pos Indonesia finally made new rubber stamps since the original ones have been taken back to Indonesia (I guess by mistake). However all the cancels will only be made available on Sunday.

Pos Malaysia also received only 2,000 pieces of Overprint MS as the printer could not supply on time. The balance will be sold to SODA via the regular “fill the form” method. SODA members will not be able to get the Overprint on MS (information as at today).

Updates for 25 November 2012:

I went back to AEON AU2 in the afternoon to avoid the morning crowd. It was a good choice as the cancels from Pos Malaysia are all laid out. This time Pos Malaysia did not tie the cancels with strings which reduced the chance of smudging the covers. There were more customers today – mostly new faces. Even the 3 dealers had quite good crowd.

Pos Indonesia’s counter was a bit busy as there were many collectors making their own version of covers. The souvenir covers by PFI was all sold out. This is not surprising considering that only 300 sets are available. In fact Pos Indonesia did quite a good business. Amongst the hot items sold out early in the week were the Malaysia – Indonesia joint issue sheetlets, Birds MS and overprint, Places of Worship full sheet and the Year of the Dragon Mini Sheet (not Miniature Sheet as these were long sold out in Indonesia). The products were sold at close to face value. Pos Indonesia used Rupiah 10,000 to Ringgit 4.00 which is fair since the rate is about Rupiah 10,000 to Ringgit 3.20. If you buy from Indonesia, you will need to pay postage and handling and that easily jacks the rate to the one used in the exhibition.

List of special items made:

1. Set of 3 FDCs with only exhibition first day of issue cancellations

2. Set of 3 FDCs with exhibition first day of issue cancellations from Pos Malaysia and Pos Indonesia

3. Passport with all cancellations (Pos Malaysia, Pos Indonesia and Taman Setiawangsa)

4. Empty Folder

5. Title Block of Mint Stamps

6. Overprinted Miniature Sheet 

7. Old set of Malaysia cartoons to complete your collection (Lat and Upin & Ipin)

If the link is lost, just go to Items for Sale. Overseas customer, drop me a question here or via “Ask a Question”.