Record Breaking Friendship edges out the President and Prince!

The Malaysia – Thailand Joint Stamp Issue came up a decent 5th place edging out the Obama Visit to Malaysia Pre-Stamped Envelope. This also meant that the Prince William and Kate issue has been edged to the 7th place!

Here is the new Top 5 highest page views per day!:

Here is the updated top 6 views:

1. Installation of DYMM Sultan of Perak (1030)

2. Preparing for World Youth Stamp Exhibition and Friday’s day report (766)

3. Malaysia – China 40 Years of Diplomatic Relations Pre-Stamped Envelope (724)

4. 175th Anniversary of Penny Black (665)

5. Malaysia – Thailand Joint Stamp Issue (646)

6. Obama Visit to Malaysia Pre-Stamped Envelope (500 odd)

7. William and Kate FDC (400 odd)

In reality, the page views just reflect readers interest and does not always translate into a “hot” issue. We need to also keep in mind of the fast growing readership thus any future page view counts will benefit from the increase in readership. Anyway, it is just for the fun of it!

Keep reading and hope to hear from you!