A gallery 20 years in the making

What took me so long? My good buddy asked..(not to mention where is my food blog)…

Well I have been collecting stamps for a long time. Over 30 years. I suppose my father and maternal uncle influenced me. Anyway in those days, there weren’t so much distraction. The telly was in black & white and we hang outside in the real outdoors for fun. Stamp collecting was one of the in-things to do. As I collected, I started to notice that countries such as Canada had cool cancellations related to the place of issue. Not too long later I found that United Kingdom does that too and so does the United States! This makes First Day Cover collecting more unique.

I could not remember when I started hunting for the special cancellations in earnest. I suppose around the early 90s. I started with the obvious ones, i.e. cancellations related to the topic’s place. I then started to look for special cachets or cancellations produced for the event. It was really hard at first. It is harder still today as Pos Malaysia started to issue composite location sets where the stamp issue might be related to a number of places!

I still find it good fun. Join me by sharing your own insights, collection and notes on the issues. I am sure I was not aware of many special issues with special cancellations. That is where the excitement comes in.

I have started to exchange and sell my duplicates (my commercial bit) based on scarcity and condition. That’s in eBay.com.my of course.

I will share more interesting news whenever I am free! Meanwhile, I will continue to update my gallery!

Stick around!



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