It’s Not About the Money, Money, Money

Last month (July) Pos Malaysia issued a commemorative set on the latest release of the new currency (Second Series of Malaysian Currency issue) dubbed “Distinctively Malaysia” by Bank Negara Malaysia. The issue coincided with the general release of the new currency on 16 July 2012.

This is also the first time that Pos Malaysia issued a miniature sheetlet. 2 miniature sheetlets were issued each with 3 miniature sheets. This makes 6 miniature sheets in total. Confused? Yup, so was I. To top it up, each miniature sheet costs RM 5! Thus each sheetlet costs a whopping RM 15 or RM 30 for a set of 2 Miniature Sheetlets! I am begining to think it is actually about the money!

Since the sheetlets are too big to fit into the standard first day cover envelopes, I had to hunt for an A3 envelope to make a complete set on cover. Here is how it looks like:

The normal set of First Day Covers looks like this:

Apparently many collectors from up north and south were looking for the minature sheetlets and folders. It seems that stocks were not able to meet demand. In addition, Pos Malaysia encountered a delay in sending out this issue to the SODA account holdes. The delay was due to the increase in the workload on sticking the odd shaped stamps and the large number of miniature sheets. To add to the difficulty, the stamp and miniature sheet paper is thinner, making the process of sticking the stamps much harder.

So I guess it is not about the money, it’s the design, paper and waiting time….

By the way, I heard that an uncut version will be made available soon. Uncut? Well basically Miniature Sheetlet 1 and Miniature Sheetlet 2 on as one singel large sheet! Oh my, my pocket is still hurting from the last purchase. ABBA was right!


Flash back:

Here is the First Series of Malaysian Currency issue from 18 January 2010:

Did you know that before the above were issued, there was a series “0”? It was the first issue of currency. The issue was called “Currency Heritage”. It was issued on 11 April 1998. Check out my 1998 webpage for 2 different sizes of cancellations for the issue!


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