UPDATED Latest arrival FDCs cancelled in Alor Setar: Postal History of Kedah / Royal Exhibition of Kedah Stamp

In a recent blog post, apparently the date has been stated as 26 November 2012! Any change of date? This is fast becoming a “guess the election date” syndrome.


Finally Pos Malaysia updated their homepage with the visuals.

Image Kedah Postal History Banner 1

Image Kedah Postal History Banner 2

The exhibition will be postponed (date to be announced in the future). Thus the overprint will also be postponed. In this respect, you might want to change your plans to Alor Setar. By now you will know there might be ad-hoc decision (see the link above about the date being on 26 December 2012!).

I will not be able to join in the fun, so I will stay in KL. If you are keen on an Alor Setar cancellation, just wait a little while. I will not be going to Alor Setar for just a cancel when the exhibition is postponed.

Here are the details and pictures in Pos Malaysia website: http://www.pos.com.my/pos/personal/stamp/what_hot/PostalHistoryofKedah.aspx

For those who would like me to help get a set of Stamp on FDC and MS on FDC, check out my eBay (Advance Order is valid until 17 December 2012). If you want an empty folder it is not guaranteed. I have a feeling that there will not be too many people.

As I mentioned a few posts ago, do not hold your breath. It will come. Anyway based on the past few overprints, Pos Malaysia has printed sufficient for everyone and many dealers are caught with heavy stocks of Melaka 750 overprint.

Anyone with a crystal ball, just drop me a note!

Meanwhile for those who keep Googling or Yahooing for this website for updates, it will be simpler to just “Follow” and you will get the information delivered to your email. No spam, no direct sales and your confidentiality is assured!

Updated 20 December 2012:

The line was a breeze today. Probably too many issues. Further more the excitement was dampened when the exhibition was postponed.

The stamps and miniature sheet is very classy. I like the design though it is quite a simple cut and paste of older stamps.

A nice surprise was Pos Malaysia gave a leaflet (what they call acknowledgement leaflet) on the Miniature Sheet. It is pretty nice. Here is how it looks like:


I have spare:

(1) Miniature Sheets with the acknowledgement leaflet

(2) Title Block

(3) Full sheets

(4) Empty folders with free poster

(5) Finally it is here: Set of 2 FDCs cancelled in Alor Setar

As usual after the listing expires check out my items for sale. You never know what you find there. Anyway if you cannot find it, just send a message.



3 thoughts on “UPDATED Latest arrival FDCs cancelled in Alor Setar: Postal History of Kedah / Royal Exhibition of Kedah Stamp

    1. The earliest post office to open in Kedah was in Alor Setar in 1887. At that time, Kedah was administered by Siam, thus the Siam post card. The stamp on stamp featured in this issue is from 1912 when the first Kedah stamps were issued. However the higher value original stamps command a tidy sum today. It is a nice balance of the first Kedah stamps (on the Kedah stamps envelopes) and early postal history post card (on the Alor Setar Post Office envelope). I think it is a nice touch. There is an interesting postal history book: “Kedah and Perlis: Their Stamps and Postal History 1887-1941” written by R.D.M. Holley of the Malaya Study Group.

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