Updated with more visuals Lunar New Year Stamps – Exotic Pets (Year of the Snake)

I know the image has been going around the websites for awhile now, anyway, I respect image rights. So finally here is the image I can share:

Year of the Snake Exotic Pets stamps miniature sheets poster image

Pos Malaysia will issue Exotic Pets to coincide with the Year of the Snake. The issue will comprise of (images rights are with Pos Malaysia and subjected to changes):

(1) Stamps: 60 sen, 80 sen and RM 1

60 sen sheets

80 sen sheets

RM 1 sheets

(2) Miniature Sheet (normal): RM 3

Exotic Pets RM 3 MS

(3) Miniature Sheet (transparent foil printing on the snake): RM 5

Exotic Pets RM 5 MS

(4) Empty Folder

Exotic Pets Folder

The bad news is forking out RM 10.40 for a set of stamps! If you buy FDCs, folders etc…. the cost keeps going up! Annual angpow to Pos Malaysia.

The GOOD NEWS is….SODA account holders will now be able to get both RM 3 and RM 5 miniature sheets in their orders!! You will also get MS on cover for both miniature sheets! I guess Pos Malaysia will be printing enough to ensure adequate supply to SODA! So no rush to queue.

Interested to know the history of Lunar Greetings and Stamps in Malaysia? Stay tuned for my next write up.



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