First Error of 2013 in the Exotic Pets (Year of the Snake) issue!

Guess what, we have our first error!

The final stamps released for sale has the 60 sen and 80 sen values in reverse order!

The posters are all gone – I heard the posters are being offered for sale!!! The leaflet inside the covers also show the same pre-production visuals. This will be a common error however, it is an EXOTIC error!

Error Exotic Pets

As usual, I have some items on sale in eBay. If it is not listed and you are interested, you can contact me here or through eBay “Ask a Question”.

I suppose if you ordered in eBay from anyone who listed the original images, you have the right to ask for that product or it will be product does not meet description? Pretty dicey if we list without a disclaimer on Pos Malaysia items nowadays! 🙂

Happy Lunar New Year!



2 thoughts on “First Error of 2013 in the Exotic Pets (Year of the Snake) issue!

  1. I consider a small error on the FDC is that the designer used the local name for the birds, budgies, when in fact to be consistent with the species names on the stamps they should have written Budgerigar

    1. Hi, Great catch! As a layman I missed that too! Thanks for the call out!

      The interesting thing is “how is the design review process in Pos Malaysia?”. Quite a surprise the final print and lack of consistency! However this gives us a bit of excitement!


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