Updated 07 July 2013: The Most Expensive Sheetlet in History (Malaysian Currency Series 2 Uncut Sheetlet)

Okay, here is the image for the long proposed uncut version of the Malaysian Currency Series 2 sheetlet at a whopping RM 100! Correct me if I am wrong, but this must be the most expensive sheetlet issued in the modern history (forget about the Malaya era super high value stamps).


You can order this via an order form from the Philatelic Bureau. The item will be sent rolled up and kept in a tube.

Updated 11 June 2013: Just received the item today. Neatly rolled into tubes. Here is the picture.


Updated 07 July 2013: Want one for yourself? Check it out: http://www.ebay.com/itm/360691691083?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649 (I have only 1 for sale – unopened. The size is about 54 cm x 44 cm.)


6 thoughts on “Updated 07 July 2013: The Most Expensive Sheetlet in History (Malaysian Currency Series 2 Uncut Sheetlet)

  1. Hi, do you mind to share how do you store sheetlet since their size is usually rather large? I collected few prior to 2000 and have been keeping them into hard cover book. Now I realize that some of them got stained.

    1. HI, I keep them in a large plastic. However the edges are staining. A reputable stamp dealer recently taught me to then put an additional newspaper wrap over the sheetlet which is inside the plastic. The person showed the shop’s stocks and they are in fabulous condition – however I need to add, the shop is air-conditioned too. Overall, it is very difficult to keep large sheetlets. Pos Malaysia is sendind the sheets in a tube packing.


  2. what is the saiz of this sheet?
    The way to store it as you mentioned:-
    1st layer is the plastic (OPP or just normal PP)
    2nd layer is newspaper
    3rd layer is the tube packing (Is this air tight?)

    1. Hi Kevin,

      The sheet is slightly larger than A2 paper. That is quite big. When I received my tube, I found out I cannot fit into the PP that I have.

      Currently I kept it inside the Pos Malaysia shipping tube (sufficiently air tight) until I can figure out how to store it in a larger proper storage.

      Have you received your order from Pos Malaysia?

      Any other readers that have an idea or storage method to share?


      1. I just took it out of the tube put 2 A4 OPP over it and put it back in the tube with some small sachets of silica gel on the outside of the OPP ,Keep it sealed in the tube supplied with it

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