Updated 30 Apri 2013: Lighthouse Series 2 – there was a launch after all!

The Lighthouse Series 2 is planned to be issued on 30 April 2013 (as usual, we alert for any changes!).

The series will comprise of stamps (50 sen, 60 sen x 2), miniature sheet (RM 5 with glow in the dark effect), maxicard (RM 4) and of course the folder (RM 5.50). I will post the visuals once that is available.

Updated 16 April 2013:

Here is the image of the poster:

Lighthouse poster

Updated 19 April 2013:

The following are concordant post offices if you are keen to make the concordant covers:

1. Pulau Rimau – Batu Maung Post Office

2. Fort Cornwallis – Pulau Pinang General Post Office

3. Pulau Angsa – Kuala Selangor Post Office

4. One Fathom Bank – Pelabuhan Kelang Post Office

Updated 27 April 2013:

If anyone is keen to make a Pulau Pinang GPO and Batu Maung Post Office cancellation (i.e. 3 stamps on one envelope cancelled in Pulau Pinang GPO and a separate 3 stamps on one envelope cancelled in Batu Maung Post Office), I will be keen to buy them (just one set of 2 covers).

I plan to take leave and if approved will be making the Pelabuhan Kelang (3 stamps on one envelope cancelled in Pelabuhan Kelang) and Kuala Selangor (one MS on the envelope and cancelled in Kuala Selangor). I will list in eBay later on once I really get my leave and make it on time for the post offices in a day! They are at different ends of Selangor!

Updated 30 April 2013:


The crowd was light. The miniature sheet is too large to put on the maxicard. I had to stick at the back for the full MS. SODA account holders will have the stamp on the MS torn out and affixed to the card. I think this reflects the lack of planning on the stamp design. It is just a miss of 5 mm to fit the MS!

I am off to make the concordant cancels.

Late evening

It has been quite a day. The morning started off well. I managed to get to Klang within my time. Klang Post Office still uses the water based ink and this cause the wordings on the miniature sheet to be poor.

I reached Port Klang in good time as well. They only have counter circular cancels and the lady staff was kind enough to cancel nicely for me. I then dropped by the Marine Department Headquarters also in Port Klang. Surprise! I was told by the staff that there was a special launch in Shah Alam Convention Centre (SACC). I was handed this poster:

Marine Department Poster

After getting the Marine Department cancellation, I went straight to the launch site. Traffic was really heavy then. It was the lunch crowd. I reached SACC and went to the exhibition. Here is the exhibition (right of photo is the Marine Department and towards the left is the Pos Malaysia counter).

Marine Department Exhibition

Guess what I received a goodie bag with a cap, pen and a key chain.

Marine Department Goodie Bag

Goodie Bag items

The Kuala Lumpur and of course Shah Alam cancels are available. Marine Department also provided fold out leaflet/posters.

Marine Department Poster 1

Marine Department Poster 2

I was off to Kuala Selangor on the north western end of Selangor. I was going against time as I did not budget in the time to visit a launch which was not announced to the public! In fact the Pos Malaysia staff at the counter was only informed on Friday that there will be a launch event.

I managed to get to Kuala Selangor just in the nick of time. The trip back was more traffic as by then it was the rush hour home.

Nowadays there are more armchair collectors and it is becoming very hard to get concordant covers. I hope to be able to set up a group where we can exchange concordant covers or make multiple cancels as the case maybe.

Meanwhile if you want some of the items:

1. Miniature Sheet

2. Empty Folder with free poster

3. Title Blocks

4. FDC set A – C including the Marine Department fold out leaflet/poster




5. 1 set of maxicards cancelled at the concordant locations for a “3-day” bid: http://cgi.ebay.com.my/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=360647972621

Other information:

The World Stamp Expo 2013 in Melbourne Australia from 10 – 15 May 2013 will use this design as the basis for an overprint! SODA will be able to order the overprint MS.

Pos Malaysia is listed as a standholder: http://worldstampexpo.com.au/page.php?page=34



6 thoughts on “Updated 30 Apri 2013: Lighthouse Series 2 – there was a launch after all!

    1. Yes, SODA account holders who have a standing instruction will automatically get the maxicard. If there is no standing instruction, you might want to email and order and ask to deduct from your SODA account or send a mail with payment for the maxicard.


  1. sorry,may i know what do you mean by concordant covers?Do you mean there is a special FDCs for the respective post offices?

    1. Concordant covers are usually made by collectors who collect cancellations matching the stamps (e.g. matching locations). The locations are the nearest post offices to the lighthouses (or staging points to the lighthouses). For this issue there are no special cancellations in the locations specified and there has not been any announcements of special cancellations from Pos Malaysia.

      Pos Malaysia occasionally make special cancels e.g. the Antartica issue (there was a special Pusat Sains Negara cancellation). Many of the covers in this site are concordant covers.


      1. Ok..Thanks for the information.But may I know whether is there any cancellation from Batu Maung?I have a list of 95 Philately Bureaus of Malaysia but Batu Maung is not in the list.Is it newly added?If so,can you please attach the latest list for us?Thanks.

      2. Batu Maung and Pelabuhan Kelang uses normal circular cancels. They are not Philatelic Bureaus. Klang is a Philatelic Bureau but not concordant. So your list is right.


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