Updated 25 August 2013: Tri-Nation 3rd Exhibition – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Finally the day is here. It started off slow with a light drizzle in the morning. I guess many collectors saw the posters and banner stating 12 noon opening ceremony and thus did not turn up so early. It was a breeze to pick up all the items by 9:00 am. All the regulars were there (less than 10 of us).

Guess what? Pos Malaysia even had time to reprint the folder with the correct flag of Thailand! So here is the only picture of the original error folder! Even this sample has been removed! https://myfdc.wordpress.com/2013/07/25/tri-nation-3rd-stamp-exhibition/

Singapore Post was the only postal authority selling on that day. The Singapore 2015 Series 2 stamps and perforated miniature sheets were on sale. By noon the empty FDC envelopes were all sold out!!! The cancel used was the “E1” exhibition postmark! Collectors item!

The designer popped in around 10:00 am much to my surprise. No body knew he was there. He hung around for a short time. There was no sign and I could only recognized Hazel Design and a few persons getting his autograph. Here is En. Abdul Rahim. He designed the miniature sheet. By the way, the person standing next to him is not me 🙂

Encik Abdul Rahim Hazel Design autograph session

Thailand Post sent their cachet to Pos Malaysia for stamping at the main stamping counter.

Pos Indonesia sent ready made souvenir exhibition cover sets (of 3) to Pos Malaysia Philatelic Bureau to sell. The set consists of 3 covers cancelled with daily cancellations. By late evening, the cancel was also under the care of Pos Malaysia for stamping purposes.

Here is the hall on Level 2. Crowded but lively.

The right near the banner is the PSM Counter.


Singapore Post is at the back near the pillar (hidden from view).


Tomorrow I will head to the exhibits since most of today has been running around getting all the right cancels.

So here is what I managed to make.

Malaysia FDC set with everything (latest info: If you want second designer’s signature, scroll down).

Tri Nation Set FDC

http://www.ebay.com.my/itm/360724405812?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649 (very few left)

Malaysia (PSM) postcard with everything.

PSM Trination Postcard

http://www.ebay.com.my/itm/360724448693?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649 <sold out>

I have ONE empty folder and am giving away 2 posters. The error poster with a correction sticker and a corrected poster available today (signed by the designer!).


Singapore FDCs with everything.

Singapore FDC Trination Stamps


The Singapore Tri-nation Overprint Miniature Sheet came very late in the afternoon at a very high price tag!

Singapore FDC TriNation Overprint

http://www.ebay.com/itm/Scarce-Singapore-2015-Overprint-MS-Tri-Nation-Exhibtion-First-Day-Cover-FDC-2013-/360724453926?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item53fcda5a26 (I have only 1 piece on sale. It was too expensive to make.) <sold out>

Again, first come first served. Remember the Thailand 2013 FDC? I only get the messages after it was sold out and then they want to stocks. Before that look and look and look.

Updated 24 August 2013:

Singapore collectors are still coming strongly. They came in bus and own cars yesterday. So naturally Singapore Post’s business is roaring! ALL the stamps and miniature sheets were sold out! So take note, the FDCs I have are the last of it.

Here is one special item:



Turnout was reasonable today. I managed to spend time to look at the exhibitions.

Here are some pictures:

The sales area.

24 August Tri Nation Malaysia

Dealers in the hall

Cik Syadza from Hazel Design busy autographing. She designed the 90 sen and RM 2.00 stamps.

Designer 2 Tri Nation

The exhibition area.

Exhibits 1

This is one of the frames on private Merdeka covers! There were 5 frames on the private covers with the 1957 Merdeka covers taking 2 frames.

Exhibits 2 Merdeka Covers

Updated 25 August 2013:

I suppose the highlight today is the auction. There were quite a few items attracting heavy bidder, notably the Year 2000 Year of the Dragon large sheet. Singapore Post packed up yesterday, so their table is empty. The designers did not turn up, so if you really want to collect a full set of signed covers, I have some of the best collection after these few days of exhibition. Here is a FDC with both designer’s signatures! Super rare! Most other have one and not the other. Sadly no more Singapore stamp. Grab it quick, I made very few. http://www.ebay.com.my/itm/2-sign-Special-Tri-nation-3rd-Stamp-Exhibition-First-Day-Cover-FDC-Malaysia-2013-/360726391499?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_207&hash=item53fcf7eacb


Here is the hall on the last day with the auction in progress at the back.

PSM Auction Tri-nation Malaysia

Here is the introduction to the Merdeka Private Cover frames that I am interested in, since Merdeka is only less than a week away…. I will be featuring the pictures of different Merdeka covers from these frames. It seems like a fitting tribute to the hard work to put the different private covers together.




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