Updated 19 September 2013: 50 Years of Malaysia and an error (flaw)

Here is the update with the “error”.


I am sure you are anxious on this issue. Now the latest news: It will be on sale on 17 September 2013!

So remember the date! This is because the “Endless Possibilities” issue has been shelved.

It is now confirmed that there is only 1 stamp in this issue.

Here is the image of the sheetlet:

50 Years of Malaysia Sheetlet

This is the sample of the FDC:

50 Years of Malaysia FDC

All images from Pos Malaysia.

URGENT update 15 September 2013:

Date of sale moved back to 19 September 2013: http://www.pos.com.my/pos/personal/stamp/what_hot/50_Years_Malaysia.aspx

Thanks to a reader who alerted me to the change!

Updated 19 September 2013:

It was an interesting day for this next next next day cover! The crowd was light and the regulars were at the queue in the morning. However, to my surprise, there was a limit of 5 blank covers per person. As such many could not make enough covers. Some went over to the “mini…

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