Amended date: 50 Years Malaysia Stamp Exhibition at ARCH KL City Gallery 01 – 30 November 2013

Errata: The date should be 01 – 30 November 2013 and not 01 – 30 September 2013. My mind was a few months behind 🙂

I mentioned that the next exhibition after St John’s School exhibition will be held in ARCH.

Here is the entrance to the KL City Gallery (it is at Dataran Merdeka – ask around if you are lost).

ARCH City Gallery

This exhibition will be held for 30 days (01 – 30 November 2013) and fortunately there are NO “30 days” cancels! The only cancel made available was the first day of exhibition and an exhibition cachet. Some collectors made the covers and went over to GPO (a few minutes walk) to put on an additional counter cancellation. I was not keen as the counter cancel quality varies and it is not as special as Pos Bergerak. Maybe the organisers should take this into account. The K5 postmark in St John was used by a few collectors and I felt the envelope was too cluttered.

There are no dealers around this time. There is a Pos Malaysia counter selling old Miniature Sheets and Setemku. Nothing much to attract a collector unless you want to make the exhibition cover. Oh… no 50 Years Malaysia stamps on sale. The staff said that on Monday (04 November 2013), some 50 Years Malaysia stamps will be released by Pos Malaysia for sale at the exhibition.

Exhibition area

Tourists were only using the cancellation on their brochures.

There should be more promotion. Other than my advance information in my St John posting, there were only the PSM Facebook and unofficial Pos Malaysia “share” of this exhibition.

Verdict: A very quiet exhibition.

I made some covers for myself and for sale. If you want to save petrol and time, just join the bid. Regular customers know I make only a few to cover my petrol cost and maintain this website. So grab it early. To make life easy, it is a one day bid. I can always relist.

Any future similar listing starts at the end price of the first listing and so on. It is fair for the winning bidder so that the person is not short changed.

ARCH KL City Gallery: (sold)


St John (my last piece):




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