Updated 17 January 2014: Stamp Week 2013 Souvenir Covers

Here is the latest that I can get:

1. The Stamp Week issue will not be a re-issue of the 50 Years Malaysia in an overprint miniature sheet. Supposed to be block of 4, however this time Pos Malaysia is keeping the final select images until much nearer the date. Hmm, how much nearer??

2. There is currently no plans to issue any envelopes! So start searching if you intend to use the 50 Years Malaysia envelope.

3. The event starts at 10:00 am in Berjaya Times Square. There were mixed answers, 3 more reliable source said that the overprint will only be sold in Berjaya Times Square. Only 1 person said that the overprint can also be obtained in the GPO KL. Your guess is as good as mine.

I will post the image once it is released.

Updated 12 November 2013:

Sadly the image has not been officially released. So the best I can do is give you a link to the Stamp Week 2013 announcement poster. https://fbcdn-sphotos-c-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-ash3/1422350_513237858783564_314886301_n.jpg

Meanwhile, I want to acknowledge simec001 on the PSM Forum for a possible image. This is the link: http://s17.postimg.org/j8xjriwb3/802_001.jpg

A staff of Pos Malaysia mentioned that the MS is about 6 inches long, now I can see why…

Well, we will all know tomorrow.

Remember to bring your 50 Years Malaysia blank envelopes or I think PSM is selling the same envelopes from the St John and ARCH exhibitions (RM 3.00). Maybe you can make your own private covers!

Updated 13 November 2013:

The well connected knew this. Alas those poor us normal collectors came early only to find out that the Miniature Sheet is NOT released. Heard the printer could not deliver on time. PSM was not at hand to sell any of their private covers.

There were 3 dealers. Most of their stocks are old stuff. Seems a bit of complacency setting in by recycling the same stuff time and again.

Here is how the place looks. It is below the entrance level.


Here are the special cancellations. If you are my regular and want the 7 days cancels, just wait a while, I will try and deliver something interesting.


Verdict: If you love to get into a horrible traffic jam and pay parking for nothing (or take the monorail), then drop by today. Otherwise, come this weekend or order through SODA. Pos Malaysia is not able to release a statement on when the overprints will be available let alone show the official image as of time of writing.

By the time I left, the cancel has not arrived… I heard that the overprint will not be ready anytime soon, so even this weekend is dicey. Take your chance. 🙂

Updated 15 November 2013:

Thanks to kelfoo’s information that the overprint was released yesterday, this morning I decided to drop by. Yup, the usual hardcore collectors and dealers were there. The overprint MS is available. So if you plan to come, drop by on 19 September 2013 (last day).

I do not collect Setemku but I bought the Setemku to support the relief effort in the Philippines: Haiyan Disaster Relief Fund. It is an affordable RM 10.00 each.

Updated 04 December 2013:

I have made available the following:

1. 8 daily cancels (including Berjaya Times Square post office first day cancel – missed by many) and the cachet on FDC


2. 7 daily cancels and the cachet on FDC



3. 7 daily cancels and the cachet on Setemku Limited Edition for Stamp Week 2013


17 January 2014: Souvenir Covers

If you are a SODA member, you should have received an order form for the Stamp Week 2013 Sheetlet on Cover. Pos Malaysia will issue 7 souvenir covers (for the 7 days). Each souvenir cover will be affixed with a sheetlet. The size of the cover is the same as the current “small” size envelopes thus there is not much space to put all the cancels into an envelope. This is the sample of a cover. Blank envelopes are NOT sold.

One set of 7 covers is RM 20.30 and postage & registration within Malaysia is RM 3.20.

Stamp Week 2013 Souvenir Cover

If you are not a SODA member and you want to order, just call the Philatelic Bureau + 603 2267 2000.



2 thoughts on “Updated 17 January 2014: Stamp Week 2013 Souvenir Covers

    1. I think we all are… 😦

      Hopefully going forward there will be better quality control. I do not even have time to update all the “administrative” errors found this year! I think that gives you an idea about the quality of work being rushed out.


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