Updated 23 December 2013: Hot Coins win Cool Cats: 80th Anniversary Malaysian Armed Forces wins Endangered Big Cats of Malaysia issue, Doraemon “Cat” comes in close

The next issue will be on 23 December 2013. This issue will comprise of:

2 x 60 sen setenant stamps (Harimau Kumbang / Panthera pardus)

2 x 80 sen single stamps (Harimau Dahan Sunda / Neofelis diardi) and (Harimau Dahan / Neofelis nebulosa)

RM 3.00 miniature sheet (Harimau Malaya / Panthera tigris Jackson)

I will load the image once it is released.

Updated 19 December 2013:

Here is the image of the poster. The cancellation reads Kucing Liar Terancam di Malaysia so I guess a Kuching cancel will be nice!


Updated 23 December 2013:


The coins definitely beat the cats today. Coins? 80th Anniversary of the Malaysian Armed Forces! The usual professional queuers from the GPO was seen in Sasana Kijang early in the morning. The crowd was huge as this news was released by Bank Negara (if I am not mistaken) on 20 December 2013. The usual dealers and their retinue was crowding the front and it was virtually impossible to get moving until hours later. If you are wondering where your office delivery man is, he is lining here calling in sick! Queue jumping was rampant and each “team” tries to get their “members” into the queue. Same thing every time.

By noon the early birds were hanging around trying to offload their stocks especially the “set of 3”. The Shah Alam seller (he hangs around Amcorp on Sundays) was trying to push out his set at RM 2,500. No takers even until Bank Negara queue disappeared at about 2 pm when everything was sold out. The best price done on site was RM 2,250 cash. Not bad, since on eBay after the euphoria, it usually settles at RM 2,300 (check out the last 2 issues). Contrary to the popular belief that sets were taken up by the Army (which is true), there was enough to go around. It was the cornering of the market that created today’s shortage.

Cool Cats

Cats…cool cats I would add, not much of a crowd but better than usual. Coins beat stamps anytime! The printing was very disappointing. It was dull and faded 😦

Most are sending their covers to Kuching to get the cancellation. For some strange reason, the 80 sen stamps are sold out in Johor Bahru as too few were sent. Plenty of stocks in KL, you can order from the Philatelic Bureau.

Hot Cat

Doraemon seems to be the only hot “cat” today as many are seen buying the limited edition Setemku.

I have a set of 3 designs for Malaysia based eBayers if you are interested. In all fairness, you can still get this at the Philatelic Bureau or the EXPO.


Okay, for the year end festivities, I am starting the bid for cats coin cards (both the Armed Forces and 50 Year Malaysia) at Face Value just for collectors who want to fill a gap. No gimmicks. Just plain offer. Do not worry, the dealers have enough stock and will not be bidding.



Towards the evening it was raining Cats….

Happy New Year and those celebrating Christmas; Merry Christmas!



7 thoughts on “Updated 23 December 2013: Hot Coins win Cool Cats: 80th Anniversary Malaysian Armed Forces wins Endangered Big Cats of Malaysia issue, Doraemon “Cat” comes in close

  1. Do you still have the limited edition Doraemon stamp folder & keychain? I tried to buy the one you put on ebay. It was available (the last one) but while I was trying to register myself on ebay, suddenly the item was sold out! I wish you still have more. Kindly reply to me.

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