Updated 12 March 2014: Visuals of Museums & Artifacts again!

The next issue is planned on 13 March 2014 with the same topic and same stamps as in 2013!

This time the blackened tabs will be unveiled! Thus the subtitle: “Unveiling the Hidden Treasures” and our pocket money for an unimaginative reprint!

Images? Nope, not released but you can pull out your old sheets and heat them up and it will look like that!

Ooops, did I forget to mention tentative?

Check out my other posting on the 2014 tentative stamp issue schedule (finally)!

Updated 03 March 2014:

Here are the visuals of the stamp issue.

Museum 2 1 Museum 2 2

Updated 12 March 2014:

Here are the visuals from Pos Malaysia: http://www.pos.com.my/pos/personal/stamp/what_hot/MuseumsArtifacts.aspx



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