Hot off the printer: 2014 Malaysia Stamp Issue Schedule / Programme

Finally it is out! Again everything is tentative!

Malaysia Stamp Issue Schedule 2014 v1

Let’s study it first. Need to do a bit of planning for my budget and annual leaves!




2 thoughts on “Hot off the printer: 2014 Malaysia Stamp Issue Schedule / Programme

  1. Looks like they might axed the Visit Malaysia Year 2014, I presume….

    Anyway, thanks for previewing the stamp issue schedule. You’re among the fastest in giving information, even Pos Malaysia FB admin still speechless about such kind of thing.

    1. Thanks for visiting. I am finding it very hard to plan my leave in order to make my personalized covers. I believe many of the items will be dropped or amended just like past years. Let’s see how many revisions will be see this year.


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