Updates to the Stamp Issue Programme 2014

Here are some updates on – well – tentative issues for your light Friday reading.

1. Fruits will most likely not bear this May. It is planned to be postponed to July – maybe coincide with the durian season???

2. The issue that keep popping in and out: Museums – Melaka and Jogjakarta PreStamped Envelope might make a comeback on 24 May 2014. Yup, the issue date is a Saturday again and most likely it will become another next next day cover!

3. Hmmm, finally some publicity for the World Youth Stamp Exhibition (Kuala Lumpur 2013) …. a miniature sheet on 28 May 2014. A bit late unlike other countries that promote the event earlier. The website is even not fully done up ….. 😦 Go check it out yourself.

Everything is tentative until it is issued. So this year, I will probably not make as many special covers as I would have liked to do due to the last minute adjustments.

Oh, by the way, maybe an overprint (Endangered Big Cats of Malaysia) for the Four Nations Stamp Stamp Show in Bandung. It is supposed to be on 27 May 2014. https://www.facebook.com/events/202622196596938

I had a good laugh on reading that the event is a “Four-Yearly Event”. I guess it is true when you look at the country concerned. However it should be corrected to “it is held every year by rotation of the four countries”.



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