Updated 17 June 2014: Indonesia cover images from Melaka and Jogja: City of Museums


Technically this is a commemorative cover. The date of issue is 24 May 2014 which is a Saturday and thus there will be a next next day cover. I just thought it would have been more realistic to just have the date of issue on 26 May 2014. There will be one 90 sen overprint stamp (from the Melaka 750 issue) and a blank envelope. Here is the image:

Melaka Jogja City of Museums

As usual, please check with the post office before you go over. Just in case of last minutes changes, need I say more?

Updated 22 May 2014:

There will be a launch of the overprint covers in…..Yogyakarta (also spelt Jogjakarta, the old “y” is pronounced as “j”, if you are old enough to remember…). Here is the news: http://sorotjogja.com/berita-jogja-4036-prangko-cetak-tindih-akan-diluncurkan-di-sonobudoyo-.html

The venue is at Museum Negeri Sonobudoyo Yogyakarta (http://www.sonobudoyo.com/id), Indonesia on Saturday the 24th of May 2014! Any philatelist from Yogyakarta who is interested…

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