28 July 2019: Launch of the Wildlife Conservation Stamps in Le Meridien Putrajaya

Late Friday, there were some news that a launch will be held in Le Meridien Putrajaya Hotel organised by the Ministry of Water, Land and Natural Resources on 28 July 2019.

I decided to just go over to IOI Mall Putrajaya and headed over to see if there will be a sales booth at the Wildlife Conservation Stamps launch. Le Meridien Putrajaya Hotel is attached to IOI Mall Putrajaya.

I was fortunate that Pos Malaysia actually set up a booth at the hall way.

Inside the main hall, the ceremony was on it’s way. Here is Dr. Xavier Jayakumar (Minister of Water, Land and Natural Resources) giving a speech.

Pos Malaysia’s booth will only start the sale after the official launch. The products on hand were:

  1. Mint stamp sheets
  2. Mint Miniature Sheets
  3. Complete Folder sets
  4. Ready made FDC sets without any cancellation

There was even a special IOI Mall Putrajaya cancellation! This was a really good surprise as before this, there was no information. The good news is that folder sets sold on eziemall will have the special cancellation.

The patron for Save Our Malayan Tiger Campaign, Tun Dr. Siti Hasmah, launched the event with dignitaries: Dato’ Seri Dr Wan Azizah (Deputy Prime Minister of Malaysia) and Dr. Xavier Jayakumar (Minister of Water, Land and Natural Resources).

After the official launch, Pos Malaysia began the sale.

Here is the special IOI Mall Putrajaya cancellation.

In a bit of time, the dignitaries came out to visit the booth. Pos Malaysia had a FDC autographed by Tun Dr. Siti Hasmah.

Here is the treasured copy:

The hall was really in a festive mood as the dignataries visited each booth.

Meanwhile, a look at the actual Miniature Sheet shows the excellent die cut and metallic ink effect!

I had to slant the camera to show the metallic effect.

For overseas readers who want a pair, contact sky52200myfdc@gmail.com

Meanwhile, tomorrow I will be doing another of the philatelic adventures. I plan to mail these 2 cards to 2 person on a random number draw. The design rights to the card is by HUKU Tigers Awareness. Shown below are the front and back of the information card.

Here is what you need to do:

  1. This is open for anyone anywhere in the world.
  2. Put a number in sequence in the Comment below.
  3. First person, put 1, followed by the second person 2, and third person 3… and so on.
  4. One person can put one number.
  5. Multiple entry by the same person will be disqualified.
  6. In case there is a person who cannot count and put the same numbers (perhaps both were typing at the same time…. unlikely on a blog), the first person who put the number will be valid.
  7. If a number is skipped by a mathematically challenged person, just continue with the next number our champion number counter put.
  8. Continue the number sequence.
  9. On 29 July 2019 morning, when I am free, I will run a random number generator and pick a lucky number.
  10. I will contact the lucky pick to get your address. Please do not put your address in your comment. Just a number.
  11. If you do not respond, I will contact the second person and so on.

This time I will select 2 persons since I have 2 cards. I will take the number chosen plus the number following it.

E.g. if number 7 is chosen, I will send to number 7 and 8. If you still do not understand how it goes, read: https://myfdc.me/2019/07/16/crossed-700000-views-and-a-giveaway/

Since it is free and no string attached, so chill out and just enjoy!

Sleep early, if you want to head into the jungle!

Updated: Random number giveaway are 9 and 10.


ps: Any error or copyright acknowledgement in this article, please drop me a note and I will amend the article. This time it was an ad-hoc attendance and a bit of a (pleasant) surprise for me.


46 thoughts on “28 July 2019: Launch of the Wildlife Conservation Stamps in Le Meridien Putrajaya

  1. Hi, I very interested with this Wildlife Conservation Stamps. May I know how to get this issue. Do you have any extra for sale ? FDC or stamp ?

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