Updated 22 July 2019: Media Preview of the Marvel 80 Years Folder Set

Today was the media preview and launch of the “Marvel 80 Years” folder set.

Marvel first started as Timely Comics back in 1939. The first comic “Marvel Comics” came out in October of the same year! One of the endearing superheroes that lasted until today is Namor, the Sub-Mariner. Timely Comics will evolve into Marvel and thus this year marks the 80th Anniversary! Here is the official 80 Years webpage from Marvel. It will be almost impossible for anyone not to have been touched by the characters that this company created.

So that brings us to today. Pos Malaysia collaborated with Marvel Studios via The Walt Disney Company to produce the “Marvel 80 Years” folder set. This is a Setem Ku (Personalised Stamps) series. Pos Malaysia first collaborated with Walt Disney Company last year to produce the sold out “Mickey Mouse Celebrating 90 Years of Magic” folder set.

This time the foyer of the Kuala Lumpur General Post Office was decked up like a Movie Premier with popcorn stands, cotton candy stands and a photo booth where anyone can get their photo taken with their favourite hero’s prop.

Hmmmm, let me try the hammer…. I am worthy! Now, where is the shield?

As Malaysia’s Mightiest Press gather themselves together against a common launch… the Marvel 80 Years Folder set was unveiled!

Here is Tan Wee (Head, Retail and Licensing for Malaysia and Singapore from The Walt Disney Company) (left of the photo) and Schrene Goh (Vice President, Marketing, Pos Malaysia) (right of the photo) during the unveiling of the products:

The folder set includes:

1. 2 PRE-PRINTED souvenir covers. Cover collectors, please take note: This is similar to the Mickey Souvenir Cover where the stamps are PRINTED along with the cancellation (PRINTED). On 18 July 2019, the first peek of the covers revealed that the covers were made with setenant stamps of 5 stuck on covers and NOT pre-printed. There are 2 designs: Captain America, Thor, Iron Man, Thanos, Hulk on Cover 1 and Spider-Man, Loki, Black Widow, Black Panther and Dr Strange on Cover 2.

2. 2 perforated Setem Ku sheetlets

3. 1 imperforate sheet

4. 2 postcards WITHOUT any pre-printed stamp (Design 1 is Iron Man and Design 2 is Spider-Man)

5. 1 die-cut folder

Here is the opened up folder:

Here is the back of the pre-printed souvenir covers and postcards:

Here is the line-up:

The items are available in a folder set. There will NOT be any loose items for sale. The folder set is available for pre-order at RM 120.00 at Pos Malaysia Main Post Offices (including the Kuala Lumpur Philatelic Bureau HQ) and also through http://www.eziemall.com

There will NOT be any counter sales. The folder sets are expected to be delivered after 23 July 2019.

The good news is the first 300 pre-orders at the Kuala Lumpur General Post Office will receive a free miniature poster of the Imperforate Sheetlet:

And here are the unsung heroes behind all the hardwork and design:

From the left: Jackllin Foo ((Manager Hardlines, Disney), Xiu Wen (THE Designer), Haidan (Head of the Philatelic Bureau), Faizah (Pos Malaysia, Head of Marketing Unit) and Tay Chin Yaw (Lead Creative Manager, Disney).

Xiu Wen was also the designer of last year’s Mickey Mouse folder set!

Remember to be an early bird for this series. There are only 10,000 sets! Last year’s Mickey Mouse sold out in a matter of hours at the counter and online in a day. With the success of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and a second highest grossing film in their belt, I believe there will be more than enough fans to snap it up quickly. It makes sense if you can shop in online platforms, you should be able to shop at: https://www.eziemall.com/limited-edition-80-years-marvel-stamp

There is a limit of 5 sets per order in eziemall.

Note: For foreign readers, the item is only available for local orders. If you would like to order via myfdc, just drop a note at: sky52200myfdc@gmail.com

Watch for the item tomorrow (04 July 2019).

You can also head over to your nearest General Post Office to place and pre-order and pay up front.

The folder sets will be ready after 23 July 2019. Please take not that this is a Pos Malaysia PRE-ORDER.

‘Nuff Said!


Updated 18 July 2019:

Pos Malaysia was busy processing the Marvel 80 Years FDC since morning in the Philatelic Bureau. This time the stamps are stuck onto the cover (unlike Mickey’s pre-printed cover). The stamps comes in setenant strips of 5. This is a different format than the stamp sheetlets inside the folder.

Orders should start to be delivered after 23 July 2019.

Updated 22 July 2019:

Collectors who ordered from post offices have reported that folders have begun to arrive and is ready for collection!