Updated with images: Next Issue Date of Sale: 29 July 2019 Wildlife Conservation

The next issue is expected to be on sale on 29 July 2019. However the issue date will be 28 July 2019. Images seen online revealed that the next issue will comprise of:

  1. Stamps: 60 sen x 3 (Pangolin, Asian Elephant and Malayan Sun Bear)
  2. Miniature Sheet: RM 5 x 2 (Malayan Tiger and Sumatran Rhinocerous)
  3. Empty Folder: RM 6
  4. Blank envelope: 50 sen (Malayan Tapir)

The good news for the special effect / unusual shape stamp collectors: The Miniature Sheets feature awesome die cuts of the Malayan Tiger with the metallic gold ink printing and the Sumatran Rhinocerous with the metallic silver ink printing.

The Tiger MS has an additional line that says “Save our Malayan Tiger”.

The designer is Mr KY Lim from Reign Associates. This issue had inputs from Jabatan Perlindungan Hidupan Liar dan Taman Negara (PERHILITAN).

Here is the poster for a larger view:

The official images have not been released. However you might want to search the internet. Once I obtain an official images, I will update this news. Meanwhile, you can start your planning.

Coincidentally the Global Tiger Day (International Tiger Day) falls on 29 July 2019! In addition, there is a Malayan Tiger Run 2019: https://www.thestar.com.my/metro/metro-news/2019/07/19/run-to-save-the-malayan-tiger/

Overseas collectors who wish to get the mint MS: sky52200myfdc@gmail.com

Good concordant locations are:

  1. Gua Musang
  2. Lanchang
  3. Gerik
  4. Hutan Melintang
  5. Batu Gajah
  6. Alor Gajah
  7. Kuching
  8. Jalan Kuching


ps: Yes there is an expected stamp issue on 31 July 2019! Please wait for confirmation.