A Review on the firsts in the Marvel 80 Years Personalised Stamp Folder Set

I managed to find time to pick up the Marvel 80 Years Folder set yesterday and was pleasantly surprised at the high quality printing on the poster, postcards and the personalised stamp (Setem Ku) sheetlets.

Here is what I can confirm after receiving the items:

(1) This is the first time that a (separate) setenant strip is produced for the Setem Ku series. These are only available on the First Day Covers.

(2) This is the first official First Day Cover released for a Setem Ku product.


The previous Mickey Mouse 90 Years of Magic covers were pre-printed souvenir covers. Here are the higher resolution images to compare.

(3) This is the first time that a customised sheet design is produced for a Setem Ku.

The new framed Setem Ku format launched on 24 March 2019 were in sheets of 10 stamps retailing at RM 25.00 each (at that time).

(4) This is also the first Imperforated Setem Ku sheetlet to be issued!

(5) I suppose this will then qualify as the first official Personalised Stamp (Setem Ku) issue with special printing ink as the border is the standard metallic silver ink. This category is for the collectors of special printing of official stamps. Previous Setem Ku issues were private issues.

Thus I believe this is a unique set and I have updated the philatelic First in Malaysia page to take this into account.

A FAQ that I get a lot is: Is this set worth it?

Here is the calculation based on normal retail pricing:

3 sheetlets x retail price RM 25.00 = RM 75.00
2 sets of Setem Ku for the FDC (2 x RM 25.00) = RM 50.00
Setem Ku alone: RM 125.00

1 Folder: RM 6.00
2 Postcards x RM 1.00 = RM 2.00
2 Envelopes x RM 0.50 = RM 1.00

So if using Setem Ku retail price plus normal pricing of envelopes, folder and postcards, the folder set will come up to: RM 134.00

Is it value for money? Probably if you are a Marvel fan. In any case, you can do the math: Normal retail RM 134.00 versus the folder set price of RM 120.00! Hope Pos Malaysia do not increase the price for the next set…. may the price be with us!





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