24 March 2017: New Design of Setemku

A new design of Setemku (personalised stamp) was put on sale today (24 March 2017) at the Kuala Lumpur General Post Office. The design featured a frame for the image in the middle of the stamp. 4 designs are available. 3 of the designs are in portrait format and one design in landscape format.  A large image of a design can be seen on the right main entrance glass door as you enter on the Kuala Lumpur General Post Office.

Portrait (vertical) format:

Design 1: Illusion (Wavy lines design)

Design 2: Kids World (Lots of kids’ stuff design)

Design 3: Skyscraper (KL Tower and PETRONAS Twin Towers design)

Landscape (horizontal) format:

Design 4: Orchid

Each Setemku sheetlet retails for RM 25.00 (before GST).

The following is a composite image of the 4 design samples (not to scale).

I found that this is a refreshing design and look and feel more like a stamp than a tab. The actual product looks better than the photo I took. The landscape orchid design fits well with the new definitive orchids.



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