29 July 2019: In Search of Wildlife in the Jungle

Another philatelic adventure! The day starts early in the Silver State. Armed with my trusty thermos, lots of water, philatelic bag, Smart Tag, air sandwiches and biscuits, I am ready to explore the abundant jungles in Perak!

Today’s route looks doable as I search the jungles for the elusive elephant and big cat! Since they are hard to see, wish me luck!

Here is roughly today’s route without the detours and petrol stops. Food? I have my famous air sandwiches.

Watch this space as I will send out another giveaway. Details soon.

Here is the deal. Same way, put your numbet. Refresh the page before commenting as sometimes someone is typing. Do not REPLY to another person’s comments.

Here is what I will send out:

I will send out to anyone in the world based on a random number draw.

As I journeyed deeper into the Silver State, finally, I think I saw something! Finally found an Elephant cast in stone!

The giveaway information card with matching cancellation was sent out to winner No. 10. I am waiting for no. 11 to respond by email.

In order to explore the wildlife, I need to go further into the jungle.

I was staring at Tanjung Tualang famous prawn noodle restaurant near to the Tanjung Tualang Post Office on the way to track elephants. I guess I need to settle for my equally famous air sandwich! Lunch on the go!

It was an hour away when an elephant was spotted running into the village. The track is fresh……

However, there was no elephant in the room! However, information card giveaway to no. 11 has been claimed.

We need to go deeper into the jungle! The drive was longer and harder. There were many traps on the road laid by the various agencies who love to create potholes on fresh trails! Remember the Tiger posted FDC giveaway! About an hour to cut off!

I finally crossed the jungle. Surprisingly there is a major river while attempting to cross the jungle.

And… the random number winner for the Tiger FDC is:

No. 16, is a back up. Please contact me. If 23 does not reply, I will send out. Please LOOK at the numbers below.

No. 17 please send me your address before 4:45 pm. Please read comments below.

Not being able to find our elusive big cats, it is time to head off deeper across the jungle. Interestingly I saw multiple concordant signages! I must be on the right track! Also the proof I am going through the wildlife area in this adventure!

I came into the concrete jungle and saw the big cat running into the road trail!

Finally sighted the big 2!

And to cap it… No. 16 replied and Tiger FDC posted with 10 minutes to closing time!

Jungle adventure is complete!

Thank you for joining the fun. I do have a tight schedule and need to post before the post office closes. I will send you an email as well as post a Reply.

Do look out for more fun in the future! Collecting should be fun!

Meanwhile, those who wants to see the journey mapped out on FDC, email: sky52200myfdc@gmail.com

The hard numbers on the species in the wild:

  1. Stamps: 200,000 pieces for each of the 3 designs
  2. Miniature Sheet: 22,000 pieces for each of the 2 designs
  3. Blank envelope: 32,000 pieces
  4. Empty folder: 1,600 pieces



40 thoughts on “29 July 2019: In Search of Wildlife in the Jungle

      1. No worries. I will have more giveaways in the future.

        Thank you for reading myfdc and do continue to give your views and suggestions!


  1. Reblogged this on myfdc and commented:

    Jungle Adventure Report Filed. 2 rangers not contactable. One found its way back too late. Another still out there!

    Thanks to the Central North support team!

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