29 July 2019: In Search of Wildlife in the Jungle

Jungle Adventure Report Filed. 2 rangers not contactable. One found its way back too late. Another still out there!

Thanks to the Central North support team!


Another philatelic adventure! The day starts early in the Silver State. Armed with my trusty thermos, lots of water, philatelic bag, Smart Tag, air sandwiches and biscuits, I am ready to explore the abundant jungles in Perak!

Today’s route looks doable as I search the jungles for the elusive elephant and big cat! Since they are hard to see, wish me luck!

Here is roughly today’s route without the detours and petrol stops. Food? I have my famous air sandwiches.

Watch this space as I will send out another giveaway. Details soon.

Here is the deal. Same way, put your numbet. Refresh the page before commenting as sometimes someone is typing. Do not REPLY to another person’s comments.

Here is what I will send out:

I will send out to anyone in the world based on a random number draw.

As I journeyed deeper into the Silver State, finally, I…

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