Updated 23 June 2014: klia2 stamps and miniature sheet date of issue is first day

This issue has been postponed for more times than the airport’s opening. Hopefully this takes off next week.

Please note the date of SALE will be 25 June 2014. The issue date is 24 June 2014 with a launch late in the day.

There will be 4 designs of 80 sen and a miniature sheet of RM 5.00. I will keep you posted once a proper image can be released.

Updated 20 June 2014:

I just wanted to thank ausfoo for the image of the klia2 series. I will try and get the poster images. Meanwhile, I believe you will agree this is a very nice set! Do not get too excited yet…always subjected to changes.

klia2 stamps miniature sheet

Updated 23 June 2014:

The date of issue has been changed back to 24 June 2014 (first day of issue).