Updated 12 September 2014: Malay Folk Stories Postponed

The next issue will be on Malay Folk Stories with a set of 3 setenant stamps (60 sen). It will be issued on 15 Septem

Here is the poster of the next issue:


For the concordant cover collectors, here is a list of locations which I think will be interesting:

1. Hang Tuah: Jalan Hang Tuah Mini Post Office or Jalan Laksamana Philatelic Bureau

2. Tun Teja: Merlimau Philatelic Bureau (she is said to have been buried in Merlimau) or Pekan (Royal City of Pahang – I could not ascertain where was her home city)

3. Mahsuri: Langkawi GPO or Padang Matsirat Post Office

4. Merong Maha Wangsa: Sungai Petani Philatelic Bureau or Wangsa Maju Post Office

5. Tun Kudu: Melaka GPO

6. Tun Fatimah: Melaka GPO (she is also said to be the first Permaisuri of Johor with the title Permaisuri Tun Kudu, so I suppose a Johor Bahru GPO cancellation will be nice too)

Updated 12 September 2014:

The issue has been postponed. The new dates has not been released. Stay tuned.