Updated 12 September 2014: Malay Folk Stories Postponed

The next issue will be on Malay Folk Stories with a set of 3 setenant stamps (60 sen). It will be issued on 15 Septem

Here is the poster of the next issue:


For the concordant cover collectors, here is a list of locations which I think will be interesting:

1. Hang Tuah: Jalan Hang Tuah Mini Post Office or Jalan Laksamana Philatelic Bureau

2. Tun Teja: Merlimau Philatelic Bureau (she is said to have been buried in Merlimau) or Pekan (Royal City of Pahang – I could not ascertain where was her home city)

3. Mahsuri: Langkawi GPO or Padang Matsirat Post Office

4. Merong Maha Wangsa: Sungai Petani Philatelic Bureau or Wangsa Maju Post Office

5. Tun Kudu: Melaka GPO

6. Tun Fatimah: Melaka GPO (she is also said to be the first Permaisuri of Johor with the title Permaisuri Tun Kudu, so I suppose a Johor Bahru GPO cancellation will be nice too)

Updated 12 September 2014:

The issue has been postponed. The new dates has not been released. Stay tuned.



8 thoughts on “Updated 12 September 2014: Malay Folk Stories Postponed

      1. Merong Maha Wangsa was supposed to be the first king of Langkasuka who is said to have settled in Bujang Valley. Some records claim that the location should be in Pattani. In any case, Bujang Valley is best represented by Sungai Petani. Bear in mind it is a lengendary folk tale. 🙂


  1. I think Bujang Valley is better represented by Merbok (post office),as you might have been noticed in previous Museum issue.

  2. How much stamps per stamp sheet is being presented? Is it just like the release of Upin&Ipin and BoboiBoy ones? (10 stamp per sheet x 3 design)

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