Updated report: Bank Negara Auction today 27 September 2014

If you have free time, why not come and join in the auction? Registration closes at about 10:00 am when the first lot will start and traffic is smooth. Even Singaporeans are here!


Breakfast is provided! Excellent mee goreng, fresh spring rolls, kuih and fresh cut fruits. Coffee and tea provided but no water!

Here is the auditorium. As usual those who would like to push up the well to do bidders or are trying to be more discreet are sitting at the back and the sides of the auditorium.


As at 09:50 am, the registration queue was long and crowded. Should we not learn to be a bit early? Meanwhile the auditorium is still quite empty.


The start will be delayed…

Started at 10:10 am with a plead to come closer to the seats near the stage.

10:20 am slightly over 170 persons (some Bank Negara observers) in the auditorium. Still kept waiting.

10:40 am and still about a hundred packed outside trying to register. Auctioner should start on time and late comers just go in later and not delay the process. Those in the auditorium are getting restless……

Just announced we will start at 10:50 am. Slightly over 200 in the auditorium right now.


It is 01:00 pm and the prices are astronomical. If I am you, you should go out and grab those solid and super solid numbers in the shops now. We are at the end of the RM 1.00 notes.

Some highlights RM 1.00 CC3333333 sold for RM 7,000. Even RM 1.00 taboo numbers CC4444444 (in Hokkien sounds like si x 9 – die x 9) sold for RM 4,600. RM 1.00 CC8888888 fetched RM 8,100!

Look at what was done moments ago: <photo removed> I have removed the photos of the winning bids as the names of the individuals can be seen and I do not think these high networth individuals want to have their names splashed on line (hey, if you want publicity, I can post it – just drop me a note).

RM 5.00 AA6666666 in a frame was done at RM 16,000!

Tea was provided at mid day but not enough for the attendees. At 02:00 pm the auction stopped for a 15 minutes break.

We resumed with the RM 10.00 auction after the break.

Here are the non-UNC notes. The auctioner just mentioned that there are 11 non-perfect lots. Mid way a lady asked which are the lots which the auctioneer could not answer and just said they are displayed outside. Hmmm…how do you expect the bidders to go out to inspect while the auction id on? In fact when we were registering in the morning, there was also no mention.



The regular dealers went back with very little as the collectors paid market prices for the items. Thus the dealers have to fold as there is very little margin to make.

Here are some highlights of the day:

1. Ladies outbid the guys by huge amounts in terms of the day’s spend per person.

2. Ladder numbers are NOT popular.

3. Lowest solid 8 is RM 4,000 a piece.

4. Highest absolute amount is RM 20,000 paid for each of the RM 100.00 notes AA6666666 and AA9999999.

5. RM 50.00 notes are not popular.

6. Highest in terms of multiples to the face value still goes to the RM 1.00 notes.

7. Lowest multiples to face value are for RM 100.00 notes.

8. The auction today netted a whopping RM 1,172,800!

9. The bidder’s number was issued above 400, thus I suppose there were over 400 registered bidders.

The auction ended at 05:35 pm.

If you want the results of the bid, you can purchase at eBay Malaysia seller ID myfdc52200. I will provide in softcopy via email. Be fair, it is a day’s worth of reporting. What you also get are the winners of the bid (sorry only the code number of the bidder). This will most likely set the benchmark for future Bank Negara auctions even though it is way higher than what the current market is trading. I think few dealers will want to join the next BNM auction!


If you want the Auction catalogue as a souvenir: http://www.ebay.com.my/itm/Auction-of-Malaysian-Banknotes-catalogue-currency-notes-publication-/271639664773?



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