Errors in Passport and Differences in WYSE MS

Collectors are always excited with errors. However these are just administrative errors and differences from the original designs.

1. Passport Error

Page 3: Day 3 and Day 4 are reversed! Orang Utan and Tiger should be Day 3!

Day 3 and Day 4 mix up

Page 13: Bangladesh flag’s red circle should be in the middle.

Page 17: Should be Central African Republic in English.

Page 18: Colombia mis-spelt as Columbia.

Page 22: The blue circle should be larger.

Page 21: It should have been DPR of Korea (North Korea and not Republic of Korea.

Page 38: The Nigerian flag was used for Niger.

Page 42: Should be El Salvador.

Page 45: Officially Solomon Islands.

Page 46: St Vincent and the Grenadines yellow band is too wide.

Page 47: Latter copies of the Passport has a sticker stuck over Taiwan (R.O.C.) and the flag!

Anything else that you might have picked up??

2. MS differences

There are significant difference in the size of the stamp inside the MS for the following (look at the perforation borders):

Size of stamp in MS

Anything else interesting to share?