A Fun Event It Was

Now that the dust has settled, looking back it was a fun filled event. As with all large events there will be some hiccups. A big thank you to those who worked hard to make this happen in Malaysia.

As we left, the videographer was busy recording clips of see you again next year! So here are some ideas for the next event:

1. Give out the Exhibition Catalogue with a daily activity as an insert. This will help us choose the events that we are interested.

2. Put the activity board inside the hall. I finally found the activity board outside of the hall opposite the registration counter. Visitors will walk right to the registration desk and then proceed to the hall thus missing it altogether. The artificial wall behind the “chopping” station is the best!

3. Announce new issues, e.g. the Trengganu MS set, a bit earlier.

Thus in summary information was scarce.

Overall the location is conducive. After all the place is built for a convention.

I think Saturday was packed. Everyone enjoyed themselves. The event management company did a good job in managing the crowd.

Great work Pos Malaysia and PSM!

Catch you all in the next event!


p.s.: Feel free to share your thoughts on WYSE.


3 thoughts on “A Fun Event It Was

  1. Hi
    It was a very successful World Youth Stamps Exhibition.
    Congratulations to all who work very hard to make this Event Success.
    See you all again
    Thank tou

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