Second Penang Bridge concordant locations

I received this FAQ a couple of times and I guess it is easier to just share my thoughts here rather than reply individually. There will be 2 stamps for this issue on 31 December 2014. It would make a great cover is the stamps are side by side.

On the right side, the best concordant location cancellation will be Simpang Ampat Post Office (bottom right corner of the stamp).

On the left side, the best concordant location cancellation will be Batu Maung Post Office (bottom left corner of the stamp).

That leaves the space in the middle for GPO Pulau Pinang.

Getting between these locations, the best will be by car. It is quite a distance to travel, fortunately there are good highways (and a bridge) that connects them.

Due to the distance, I will not be making the covers. If anyone in Penang is making the cover, I will be interested. Just drop me a note.

Updated 26 December 2014:

Here is the image of the poster.




2 thoughts on “Second Penang Bridge concordant locations

  1. May be Bandar Cassia / Batu Kawan and batu maung post office postmarks will be more meaningful, just my thought

    1. That would be the best. However I could not find any post office listed as Batu Kawan nor Bandar Cassia. If you have the address, I can share with the readers who might want to drive there. Thanks fir dropping by.


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