Updated 02 February 2015: Malaysia’s Chairmanship of ASEAN 2015

This issue will be released on 27 January 2015 and consist of:

1. 60 sen stamp

2. 80 sen stamp

3. RM 1.20 stamp

A nice cancellation will be Putrajaya <amended>, where the secretariat is located: http://asean2015.gov.my/index.php/contact-us.html

An option is Kota Kinabalu where coincidentally the ASEAN Foreign Ministers’ Retreat will be held from 27 – 28 January 2015! http://asean2015.gov.my/index.php/component/k2/item/47-asean-foreign-ministers-meeting-retreat.html

No images yet, so hold on and be patient as usual.

Updated 15 January 2015:

Here is the poster. As you can see Kota Kinabalu is shown as the sample cancellation. Yup, KK is the place to be other than PWTC 🙂

Malaysia 2015 Chairman of ASEAN

Updated 27 January 2015:

The crowd was light in GPO KL. Maybe I need to drop the word “crowd”. Finally got my Putrajaya and Kuala Lumpur FDCs done up by noon. In Putrajaya Post Office, the envelopes were sold out but the stamps are still available.

20150127 Putrajaya KL ASEAN 2015


Updated 20 January 2015:

Finally all completed.

20150127 Putrajaya KL Kota Kinabalu ASEAN 2015




3 thoughts on “Updated 02 February 2015: Malaysia’s Chairmanship of ASEAN 2015

  1. Love the stamp, hopefully I can get the cancellation stamped on my postcards too. Permission to use the poster image in your post for my blog. 🙂

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