Updated 19 January 2015: Another bid! A surprise Embroidery and Wooden Goats

16 February 2015’s crowd was much better than usual. However the line was significantly shorter than the Year of the Horse. The queue was pleasant. However the bureau office was in semi-darkness due to some renovation works which affected electricity supply.

The wooden MS was easier to peel than the other peel and stick type. However I still managed to damage one of them.

Rumour was rife that an embroidery MS from the Baba Nyonya series will be issued. In fact, an image was circulating in social media a few days before. The MS official issue date indicated on the packing was 12 February 2015. However the actual date of sale is 16 February 2015. It costs a whopping RM 35! However the embroidery design is really great. So how can you say RM 15.00 for a miniature sheet is expensive???!!!???

However without a proper cancellation nor envelope, I resorted to using the Farm Animals envelope and the normal Philatelic Bureau cancellation which will do for me.

20150212 KL Baba Nyonya Embroidery MS



Then I was off to Desa Pandan. I guess the only “Desa” in the city. There was an old “Keluaran Hari Pertama” cancellation however the cancel runs until 2014!

Google is only as accurate as what is being updated. If you have checked the Google Map, this post office is marked as Closed Permanently! Lesson learned – don’t always trust everything on the internet!

Here is the Desa Pandan post office.

Desa Pandan Post Office

Here is the final product:

20150216 Desa Pandan KL Farm Animals

20150216 Desa Pandan KL Farm Animals MS 1

20150216 Desa Pandan KL Farm Animals MS 2



Updated 18 January 2015:

Flash auction completed with some happy faces! Wait for the next one….watch this page.

Updated 19 January 2015:

Missed the first auction with really great ending prices? Here is another round (last round):







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