Updated 13 April 2015: Endangered Marine Life

I will not be making any concordant covers for this issue as I cannot find a solid link to a nice cancellation.

If you want a normal set of stamp on FDC and MS FDC cancelled in Kuala Lumpur, the pre-order price is RM 12.00.

Other items available for pre-order are mint MS and empty folders.

Contact sky52200myfdc@gmail.com

Updated 13 April 2015:

There was hardly anyone at the KL GPO this morning. The queue at McDonalds is longer than here 🙂

Probably this issue hardly has any relation with Malaysia. It is a worrying trend once we start issuing special issues unrelated to Malaysia. Who knows it might be volcanoes of the world next?


The first issue in April is the Endangered Marine Life. Stamps: Knifetooth Sawfish 60 sen, Blue Whale 80 sen Killer Whale: RM 1.40 Miniature Sheet: Humpback Whale: RM 5.00 (silver foil) Empty folder: RM 6.00 ??????????????????????????????? sky52200

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